Continuum the series


Get in the game. Help Tyler solve the mystery and follow the story as it unfolds across the country.

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  • The Liber8 Movement

    Liber8 is trying to change society and halt the inevitable march toward corporate domination. Learn about the movement and explore the beliefs at

  • Meet Tyler Cross

    Tyler, a journalism student, has witnessed something strange and spectacular. She’s a little naive but extremely tenacious and she needs your help to figure out exactly what’s going on before she gets in too much trouble.

  • Liber8 On Twitter

    Liber8 uses Twitter as its main communications hub. Follow the revolution and keep up to date with their operations and plans. Devoted followers will gain special access.

  • Unlock The Blueprint

    Be the first to find the secret codes and start unlocking the blueprint. Top agents will be rewarded with special missions. Once all the pieces are discovered, the blueprint will be essential to determining the future and maybe even the past.