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A Timeline of the Future - Part III – Season 1, eps 6-10

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SPOILERS From Season ONE Episodes

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2012                     Present-day events of show (1-01, “A Stitch in Time”).

by 2012               Francis Hall, a tattoo artist and anarchist in Vancouver, is found guilty of break and enter and vandalism (1-06, “Time’s Up,” prior to events of the episode).

2012: episode 6     Kiera has a flashback to the future, when she and fellow CPS Protector Elena responded to a riot, which CPS intelligence indicated that Liber8 members were amongst the leading edge. The protestors were trying to steal provisions that Piron was supposedly distributing. Kiera wonders if she should start asking the hard questions.  In the present, Kiera hides a component of the time machine within an air vent in her apartment. Julian goes to Vancouver, not telling Alec why. During a peaceful protest on city land outside of the Exotrol building, Carlos, Kiera, and horse-mounted officers respond for observation. Carlos considers them to be “harmless.” Kiera is amazed – she had never seen a horse before.  Kagame and Sonya play chess while discussing their protestor pawns. Julian meets up with a group of violent anarchists, who join the crowd at Exotrol and stage a violent break-in. Some of the crowd follow the anarchists, while others stand back, appalled. Exotrol World Corporation CEO and President Henrietta Sherman is escorted by two security staff towards an exit, but Travis kills the two guards and kidnaps her.  Liber8 broadcasts her reading their speech – that she is a criminal. Carlos and Kiera meet with Exotrol executive Terrence Chu and Exotrol security head Frank Bolo (who had spent two decades in military intelligence before entering corporate security). Liber8 broadcasts another video, in which Henrietta Sherman instructs Exotrol to prepare a $20 million cash ransom. Alec identifies the leader of the violent anarchist protestors as Francis Hall, but also identifies one of the protestors as his stepbrother Julian.


                            Alec tells Kiera about Francis Hall. Carlos and Kiera go to Crazy Horse Tattoos to pick up Francis Hall, and interrupt him being roughed up by Frank. Carlos and Kiera take Francis in, where Kiera secretly injects him with a truth serum, and he confesses everything he knows. He had been texted his orders. Roland and Ann discuss the protestors at Exotrol – he empathizes with their frustration, but opposes their violent methods, and then he talks about to Alec about the misuse of “technogarbage.” Alec, who is an advocate of doing great things with technology, tells Roland about Julian.   Liber8 does a mass text messaging, “Exotrol steals from the people.”.From this attention-grabbing, Kiera suspects that Liber8 wants something more than the $20 million ransom – but what?  Liber8 sets the ransom drop at Exotrol Plaza, which the Vancouver Police has covered  and has put thermal trackers in the money. Liber8 demands that Exotrol hand out the money to the crowd outside.


                            Alec tracks the text signal, but is coming from a dummy relay. Roland confronts Julian, who is bitter over his father’s talking over action, and is bitter about Roland losing his family farm.  Liber8 does a live broadcast, using Kiera identifies as Kagame’s voice, with a new ransom demand - asking people to vote on Sherman’s fate. Kiera calls Kellog ,asking what Kagame is up to – Kellog says that Kagame is trying to win the people’s hearts and minds, and gives her a hint to follow the trading of Exotrol’s stock.  Meanwhile Kellog breaks into Kiera’s apartment, finding her CPS gun, multi-tool, and “slice of possibility”  - taking Kiera’s piece of the time travel device. Kiera recalls the details of their encounter with Frank and Francis, realizing that Frank meant to kill Francis; she and Carlos go to track him down; after he tries to escape they arrest him.


                            Kagame gives a history lesson to Sonya. Kiera and Carlos determine that Frank was working for “tough guy” Travis and LIber8. About 235,000 people have voted on Sherman’s fate, 68% of which have read Liber8’s manifesto.  Alec tracks down Liber8’s broadcasting location, which Kiera has him leak to Betty so that she thinks that she found it. Betty directs Vancouver Police to that location in the warehouse district. Kiera, Carlos, and an ERT unit enter the building. Kiera finds Sherman tied to a chair rigged with explosives; with only three minutes remaining she volunteers to defuse it. Kiera has Alec search for bomb information online – he complains that much of it is “poorly written.” Kiera trips a booby-trap that says “The truth will set her free.” Kiera convinces Sherman to admit the truth that Liber8 is aware of - Sherman confesses that she and the board had rigged the pension fund to look like it had been gutted by the stock market collapse, but were secretly stealing from the fund for years.  The bomb detonates – releasing only confetti. Kiera realizes that Liber8 would not have killed Sherman, because that would have destroyed the good will that they had just built up.


                            Kiera and Carlos go to Exotrol and arrest Terence Chu – who had been the one giving Frank instructions for the kidnapping in return for Exotrol stock options. Chu had hoped to take over Exotrol after Sherman was gone, but realized that Liber8 had its own agenda when the two security guards were killed. Julian warns Alec to stay away from him. Alec tells Kiera that Liber8 had profited from the Exotrol stock trades, and admits to Kiera that he had identified his stepbrother Julian as one of the protestors. When Carlos comments “The things people do for money,” Kiera recalls when she had talked with Greg, and learned that Piron was stockpiling food provisions to drive up food prices, and he said that she was starting to sound like a Liber8 terrorist.  Carlos optimistically predicts that they won’t let Kagame play them again. Around Vancouver, people begin spraying Liber8 logos (1-06, “Time’s Up”).


                            Alec Sadler hacks his stepbrother Julian Randol’s cellphone so that he can track Julian’s location (1-10, “Endtime.”)


2012: episode 7     Alicia Fuentes confronts reformer Union leader nominee Jim Martin about some dirt on him, on election financing irregularities, that she was going to publish. Jim calls Carlos – just getting off work -  to come and pick up Alicia; when he arrives he finds Jim and Alicia screaming at each other. Carlos takes his old friend Alicia out for dinner and then home. One thing leads to another, and he and Alicia end up in bed together, protected, before Carlos goes home. Alec had suggested that Kiera socialize with a coworker, but with Carlos being busy she finds a great pizza place instead. The next day Kellog, now having an Audi R8 sports car,  has gained access codes to several government and private telecom feeds that cover the west coast (satellite, cellular, imagery, and date). Once he figures out how to use the codes, she could track down Kagame and the rest of Liber8 before they come after her (or Kellog). He offers to hook Kiera up with a computer programmer, but leaves when Carlos arrives.


                            Carlos and Kiera respond to a murder, which Carlos recognizes as his friend’s address, and he takes primary and deliberately “accidentally” contaminates the crime scene with more of his fingerprints. Kiera’s sensors correctly estimate the time of death, and she notices Carlos’ agitation. As punishment for Julian’s participation in the demonstration at Exotrol, Roland took away the keys to his truck and his cell phone; Julian now considers his stepbrother Alec to be a traitor.  Carlos meets with Jim, who he trusts, and offers to keep Jim – on the eve of the Union election - out of the investigation for a couple of days.


                            Carlos and Kiera go to meet with Nelson Barnes. Kiera had told Dillon that she suspected  a Liber8 link – the gang had been known to organize union sympathizers. Alec gives Kiera an update on his repairs of her suit – he expects to have it running pretty soon. He is amazed when it connects to his computer system and it becomes “super-charged.” Kiera deduced that Carlos knew Alicia, that he was friends with her. Carlos tells his family’s story to Kiera, about how close he was to Alicia.  When they meet with Barnes, Barnes tells them that Alicia had uncovered a big campaign contributor to Jim Martin. Back at headquarters, Betty reports a lead to Kiera – video footage of someone dropping Alicia off at her home. Alec enhances the image, revealing Carlos.


                            Kiera follows up on Alec’s tip about Carlos and revisits the crime scene. She uses her multi-tool to emit a bio-enhancement mist, which interacts with DNA, and identifies Carlos’s prints in the bedroom. She also finds print from an unknown person. She breaks into Carlos’ car, and found out where he had driven the night before. She confronts Carlos, who explains that he would trust Jim with he life, and she promises to leave Jim out of the investigation, She then goes to speak to Jim.


                            Kiera speaks with Sara Davidson (Jim Martin’s campaign manager), Jim Martin, and his wife Heather Martin. Her HUD identifies the fingerprints of Heather Martin as being the same as the unknown print she had found at the murder scene. Kiera’s gut tells her that Jim was having an affair with Alicia, and that Heather knew. Betty gets a render of the surveillance footage, seeing the picture of Carlos. The suit begins accessing every video and audio feed within 100 km. Kiera realizes that the piece of the time travel device is missing, and assumes Kellog took it. Betty confronts Carlos, but trusts him and offers to stall. Carlos instead confesses his actions to Dillon, who suspends him, talking his badge and gun.


                            Kiera contacts Kellog to get the raw data that Alec can use to create a 3D image of who was in Alicia Fuentes’ apartment the night she died; in return she will let Kellog set up a surveillance net that will let Kellog know whenever someone gets within fifty feet of his yacht. The media learns that Kim Martin knew Alicia, as did suspended police detective Carlos Fonnegra. Kiera’s suit processed the cellular data and patches it through to her CMR; she does a walkthrough of the crime scene where she and Alec “see” the crime, where a female intruder rappelled down in through a window and strangled Alica. Meanwhile, a masked female assailant breaks into Carlos’ apartment, tazers him, and tries to suffocate him, but he fights her off cutting her right arm in the process, and she escapes.  Carlos and Kiera realize that the assailant had planned to fake Carlos’ suicide. Alec tracks the murderer’s escape vehicle to the Martin residence. Carlos and Kiera go confront Heather, but they are wrong; Sarah confesses that she had gotten major contributor (that Jim would not have approved of), and when Alicia found out, Sarah told the contributor, who had as much to lose as Jim if the truth came out. Sarah is afraid of what the contributor would do if she said anything more, and demanded to speak to her attorney. Carlos learns that Jim had had an affair with Alicia. The obstruction of justice charges against Carlos are dropped and he is reinstated. Jim wins the ATSU election. Carlos, betrayed by Jim’s lies, wants top make a pact with Kiera – 100% honesty – buts, she declines, sometimes you got to do the wrong thing for the right reason, and she would rather keep a secret than break a promise to him. Carlos and Kiera wonder about the female murderer – strong, agile, and quite a fighter. Carlos wonders if Jim will eventually become mayor. Heather intrudes Jim to the major contributor – Kagame – who says, “Let’s talk about the future.” Their car is driven by Garza (with a bandage around her right arm) (1-07, “The Politics of Time”).


2012: episode 8      Mark McGuinn, a beta tester for Tendyne Systems, walks into a corporate team-building paintball game and shoots a computer game company Greg CEO, then shoots himself in the head. Kiera visits Kellog on his yacht after he invites her. He denies taking her segment of the time travel device. She leaves after being called to the crime scene to join Carlos. Yvonne Ducelle, a beta tester for Tendyne Systems,   flirts with an executive False Creek Light Rail station, then pulls him with her in front of an oncoming express train.  With two murder-suicides happen in the same day, Kiera and Carlos investigate the only tie between the two, a video game company that is doing more than just developing games. Betty asks to accompany them, and Kiera agrees (for teambuilding purposes). They interview Gabrielle Cosgrove. Fred Nettinger, lead programmer, and supervisor of the beta testers for the next generation of gaming, the perfect blend of RPG and SLG elements gives them a tour. Betty asks to see this cyber-LARPing game, and to see a demonstration. Kiera and Betty try it, but Kiera suffers an adverse reaction after getting “shot” in the game. Her SMTR, HUD, and commlink to Alec goes down, and she gets a headache.


                            Alec’s monitors go down, and he telephones Kiera; he plans to reboot her CMR. The Medial Examiner identifies amphetamines in the killers system; Betty had noticed cans of Torsion energy drink around Tendyne. Kellog stages a chance meeting with Lucas, sho likes pugilists, at a pugilists arena. Alec arranges to meet Kiera to reboot her CMR. He tries to hack into the CMR, and to his surprise his first password attempt succeeds. Kellog and Lucas drink together, and Lucas blabs hints about Kagame’s new plan, a “total game changer,” which will rewrite history. When Lucas answers a call and leaves, Kellog tails him. Betty learns from some of her hacker friends that Gabrielle Cosgrove has secretly bought up remaining stockpiles of Torsion energy drink; Carlos and Kiera go to see Cosgrove. Lucas meets with Nettinger, who discusses the results of his program on Mark, Yvonne, and on Kiera, finding the location of Kiera’s CMR chip, which he gives to Lucas. In return, Lucas gives info on liquid chip technology to Nettinger, which he could use to become the puppet master. Kellog listens in on their conversation.  


                            Kiera and Carlos interview Cosgrove (with her lawyer present) about the Torsion; Cosgrove’s lawyer claims that all of the employees signed waivers. Kiera ignores a call from Kellog. The coroner’s results indicate that Torsion could not have caused the violent incidents. Kiera gets a call from Alec, to do the reboot, and claims to need to go speak to her contacts in Section Six. Betty finds a link between Cosgrove and the two victims – she knew Greg Moritz who was the CEO of a rival gaming company, and a few years ago were caught up in a nasty lawsuit in which Greg came out on top; she also knew Cole Bartley worked with Cosgrove at a dotcom startup in Silicon Valley; she was fired for being difficult to work with, while Cole went on to be promoted several times and make a small fortune. Alec reboots Kiera’s CMR while she talks about the case and describes a future technology “that is way beyond hypnotism.”  Alec thinks it will take up to an hour for her systems to complete rebooting. Alec wants to tell her something, but instead says “Be safe.” Carlos, heading to Tendyne, spots Kellog and  recognizes him from the university kitchen; Kellog goes along with Carlos’ mistaken assumption that he is a member of Section Six, and they both head over to Tendyne. Lucas tries to hack into Kiera’s CMR. Cosgrove admits to Carlos that she knew both victims, but because the software development world is small; she also admits that she had been in the process of buying Moritz’s company, but with his death the deal is up the air. Tendyne had millions to gain by this sale, but that is lost with Moritz’s death. Alec uses an old-school VR system to hack into Tendyne’s system, but loses track of time.  Kiera experiences more head pain (as Lucas hacks into her CMR), and Lucas and Kagame listen in on her cell phone conversation with Carlos as well as her bio upgrade comms conversation with an unknown male (Alec). Alec tells Kiera that someone is hiding code within Tendyne’s gaming code. Kagame suspects that Kiera is in communication with another Protector who got through to this time. Alec and Kiera suspect Nettinger, so she contacts Carlso to go back to Tendyne. Kagame decides that Nettinger, now a liability, must be eliminated. Kellog, pretends to be a writer for In Code Magazine and weasels his way into Tendyne to talk to Nettinger. Carlos and Kiera arrive on scene but Lucas gains control of her mind, and instruct her to kill Nettinger, her partner, and herself.  Kiera spots and tries to shoot Nettinger. Carlos tried to subdue Kiera.  Alec realizes that Kiera is being hacked, as is his system. Kagame spots Kellog in Kiera’s visual feed. Alec tries to block Kiera’s hacker by rewriting her code. Lucas regains control of Kiera, and instructs her to kill her partner and then herself. Lucas and Alec struggle over control of Kiera’s CMR, until Alec thinks to shut down her CMR. Lucas realizes that he is fighting someone with a advanced, almost prescient coding skills, more advanced than Lucas, escape for … a young Alec Sadler.


                             Nettinger admitted to writing a code for a visual wave pattern that can brainwash a person. He had hoped to test his software and succeed Cosgrove. Carlos tells Kiera that he owes his life to her “friend” from Section Six. Kiera arranges for Alec to reboot her CMR tomorrow. He tells her about an old memory file he found, which he will also brief her about tomorrow.  But as he’s scrolling through the folder, he spots one file, “ALEC SADLER 2012 ***** READ ME FIRST ***** “(1-08, “Playtime”).


2012: episode 9     Alerted to a bulk purchase of 1500 Kg of ammonium nitrate (a fertilizer used in explosives and agriculture), Kiera and Carlos visit Roland Randol's farm in Surrey. Kiera is amazed to see and touch a horse. Alec and Kiera are surprised to see each other, but Alec covers up by claiming that he recognized Fonnegra from him being on television when he was suspected of murder.


                            Kiera offers to keep an eye on “the boy.” Alec takes Kiera to see his setup in the barn, and is impressed, but she is concerned about the new black colour of her suit; Alec says it looks “so much cooler.” Kiera spots a revolver that belongs to Roland; Alec keeps it in the barn to shoot rats that might chew on his cables. Alec sticks up for his stepfather and stepbrother, and is insulted when he catches Kiera scanning him. Meanwhile, Roland and his wife Anne Roland show their fertilizer purchase records to Carlos, which are for 438 Kg – a reasonable amount, but Carlos asks to see the fertilizer storage. Julian is upstairs, doodling a design while listening to a video Liber8 blog of Kagame’s about monoculture Vickerdale Enterprises have patented terminator seeds that poison the crops of neighboring farms then take root in that farm’s soil; they are advocates of monocropping which strips the land of its nutrients. He notices that Carlos is present, and heads to the storage barn. Roland takes Carlos to the storage barn, but finds it unexpectedly locked. He cuts off the lock, revealing a van parked inside with a container full of explosive. Four friends of Julian (Hoyt, Gates, Dan, and Phil) arrive, and pull weapons on Carlos, Kiera, and Roland. Carlos and Kiera surrender their weapons, but when Anne shows up Kiera and Carlos use the distraction to seize weapons from the boys. Carlos starts dialing for backup, but Julian shoots him in the abdomen with a concealed weapon, and threatens to kill Carlos if Kiera doesn’t surrender her weapon.


                            The boys lock Kiera and the badly wounded Carlos in a storage room, Roland convinces Julian’s team to let Alec bring them a first aid kit. Alec clubs Gates with the first aid kit (filled with canned goods) and lets Kiera and Carlos out. Julian’s friends had listened to Randol’s grassroots living room speeches, but decided to take revolutionary action against the corporations. They spot Carlos and Kiera making for their car, and recapture them. Anne uses the distraction to secretly place a call to 911, allowing dispatch to hear what is going on in the kitchen. When they hear police sirens approaching, Hoyt decides that they should start the revolution now.


                            Hoyt explains their plan for Day 1 – “Theseus Day.”  Theseus was a warrior who unified the people of Athens. Alec points out that Theseus was pushed off a cliff when the people turned against him. Kiera tries to warn them off the path of violent activism. The VPD SWAT teams arrives and sets up. Hoyt and Julian clash over what should be their next courses of action – Julian favours a less-violent approach. Alec volunteers the existence of his stepdad’s “rat pistol” – Dan escorts him to the barn to go get it. Gates locks Kiera and Carlos back in the pantry. SWAT team commander Martin Bradley and Inspector Dillon believe that Roland Randol is the leader of the hostage-takers. Alec tricks Dan into touching Kiera’s suit and getting tazed; while Dan is unconscious Alec connects Kiera to Dillon’s phone, and she reports on the five assailants and three hostages (but not their identities), her and Carlos’s location, Carlos’s wound, and the location of the bomb, and the plan to explode the propane tank as a diversion, and escape out back roads. Bradley wants Kiera to stand down and let his team respond, but Kiera insists on taking action to save Carlos’ life. Bradley insists that the first priority is to disable the bomb “before Randol can detonate it,” but before Kiera can tell him that Roland is one of the hostages, Alec cuts the commlink as Dan regains consciousness. Alec tells Dan that he suffered an electric shock, and packs a bag with towels (hiding Kiera’s suit) to use as bandages for Carlos.


                            SWAT team members move in. Kiera’s scan indicates that Carlos’s condition is critical. As he slips into unconsciousness, Kiera confesses a bit about her true identity. After Alec delivers the bag containing towels and Kiera’s suit, she suits up. When the SWAT commander calls on the telephone to negotiate, Julian plays along with their assumption that their leader is Roland. Kiera hides the unconscious Carlos and activates her suit’s cloak, then tazes Gates. Enrages, Julian shoots the phone; the SWAT team hears gunfire and moved in. Kiera tazes Dan. Hoyt, Gates, and Phil make a stand at the storage barn, shooting at the approaching SWAT team. Someone in the house phones in a report that the hostages are free; a SWAT team approaches the house to get them. Television media is reporting that a militant group led by Roland Randal has taken hostages on a Surrey farm; Kagame, watching, says “Theseus. It’s started.” Sonya is worried that they” could kill “him,” but Kagame is not worried: “Everything that I am; everything that I become, will be the result of events unfolding on that farm;” a Theseus tattoo is visible on his right forearm. Julian shoots at and detonates a propane tank as a diversion. Kiera is flung by the blast and her suit loses its cloak.


                            Julian returns to the house to get his dad, because he believes that the cops would never let Roland go. Alec and Julian are in an armed standoff, in which Roland intervenes. Kiera reaches the storage barn but is confronted by Dan who shoots her, but the bullet is deflected by her bulletproof suit. Dan apologizes that his handgun “just went off;” he drops his handgun and runs away. One SWAT team approaches the house to rescue the hostages. Roland convinces Julian to lay down his weapon, putting it in Roland’s hand. The SWAT officer sees Roland holding a handgun, and kills Roland with a single shot. Julian escapes from the farm. Kiera reaches the vehicle and confronts Hoyt and Phil. Phil lays down his weapon, but when Hoyt refuses to surrender and threatens to detonate the explosive with his gun, she shoots him, killing him. Carlos is transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital. Dillon takes Kiera back to the precinct to be debriefed. Dillon hears from the hospital that Carlos’s prognosis is good, as Kiera repeats “Fonnegras are pretty hardy stock.” Kiera shows up at Matthew Kellog’s yacht. She confesses that she was present at the loss of his sister. Kellog forgives her: “What happens in the future, stays in the future,” because he and she have more in common than each other the other eight billion people on the planet. He moves in close, saying “maybe it’s best to stop living for a future that might not even happen.”


                            While Julian was walking down a city street, he answers a ringing payphone, recognizing Kagame’s voice, and Kagame tells him to wait to be picked up. Julian unfolds his Theseus logo sketch that he had in his pocket, and heads towards a nearby tattoo parlour (1-09, “Family Time”).


                            Liber8 steals 2000 pounds of classified military-grade gel concentrate explosives from a secure research facility (Two days before 1-10, “Endtimes”).


                            Carlos is released from hospital after some time/days there (after being shot in “Family Time.”). Kiera visits Kellog on his yacht again (One day before 1-10, “Endtimes”).


2012: episode 10   The next day is Kagame’s birthday – Sonya remembers, and presents him with a copy of Charles Dickens’  A Tale of Two Cities (which begins with the lines “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times …”). He gives her a key with a note, and tells her that “you will find the answers to your questions here,” and swears her to secrecy. He sends her out on a personal errand. Kiera wakes up awkwardly on Kellog’s yacht, and uses her multitoool to find her piece of the timetravel device and steal it from Kellog’s safe. She says “This didn’t happen, and it will never happen again” to Kellog. He is more optimistic – “She’ll be back.” Carlos, on his first day back to work since the shooting, calls Kiera in because a CSIS agent is meeting with Dillon about the theft of some military-grade explosives which CSIS thinks is linked to Julian and Liber8. Kiera calls Alec, who has been trying to deal with water damage in the barn, and is trying to use Julian’s cell phone to triangulate his position once he has enough computer power. He tries to tell her about the CMR file addressed to him from the future, but is cut off when the cell network goes down. Lucas’ worm in the cell network takes effect, bringing down the cell network, which Lucas expects will take the cell company about four hours to find the worm and restore service. Kiera meets a crazy-sounding guy warning about the beginning of the end, the day “everything changes,” but she stops when he recognizes that she was “at the execution,” that he is just like her – from the future.


                            Jason, the crazy-sounding guy, tells Kiera about how he had been suddenly sent back in time from 2077 to 1992, and been here every since, thinking that he was the only person who had been sent back from 2077. Travis questions Kagame about Sonya’s “errand,” but gets nothing. A Canadian Security & Intelligence Service (CSIS) agent, Gardiner, meets with Dillon and Carlos. Dillon tells Gardiner about Kiera, an agent from the fictitious “Section Six,” working with him on the Liber8 task force. Gardiner expresses surprise that the Vancouver Police Department even had a Liber8 task force. CSIS has also been investigating Liber8 ever since the 2000 pounds of classified military-grade gel concentrate explosives had been stolen, and began monitoring Liber8 chatter in several west-coast cities, and their investigation led them back to Vancouver. That would be enough explosive to bring down half of Vancouver’s downtown core. Betty reports that the cellophane network is still down, and signs point to hacking or sabotage. Gardiner (correctly) identifies this as a Liber8 method. Alec, monitoring Julian’s email, tracks his location to an address southeast of downtown Vancouver, near Homer Street and Georgia Street. Jason reveals to Kiera that there are other time jumpers here, but he is surprised and alarmed to learn that Liber8 is here too - he is referring to freelance privateers, such as “Mister Escher.” Alec regains audio communications with Kiera to tell her that he may have found Julian’s location, and Jason adds that he hears the voices too. Jason overhears Kiera speaking to Alec about the theft of explosives and is worried – today is the day that “Theseus will emerge.” Kiera wants Alec and Carlos’ help in bringing Julian in, but Alec claims technical difficulties and can’t hear her anymore; he disconnects his commlink to her and goes to find Julian. Jason wants to escape from 2012, and offers to show Kiera his working time machine.


                            Sonya goes to a bank to open Kagame’s safety deposit box, containing papers, thousands of dollars in Canadian $100 bills, a vial of what looks like diamonds. She reads an enclosed handwritten one-page letter and is apparently shocked by its message. Travis quizzes Garza and Lucas about Sonya’s whereabouts – Lucas realizes that Travis had already tried asking Kagame, and is amused that Travis “now knows what it’s like to be one of the outer circle.” They meet a visitor at the door – Julian. Jason takes Kiera to his apartment – overlooking the bridge where Kiera arrived from the future. Jason, after all those years of waiting, had been surprised to see her explosive arrival. He warns her that his machine needs a nano-metal circuit to focus the energy in the precise manner dial in the return date the return date to be complete. Kiera asks: ‘Do you believe in destiny,” and pulls out her segment of the time-travel device. Jason becomes alarmed, because he knows of only one man who could have developed this tech, and deduces that Kiera is CPS, and that she is here to arrest him. She says that that she only wants to go back home to 2077, and he agrees to help her with that. At VPD headquarters, waiting for Kiera, Gardiner questions Carlos about “Section Six. When Carlos steps out, Gardiner places a call to have a check done on “Section Six” – an outfit that he has never heard of. Kiera sees replica of “the memorial” in Jason’s apartment – today is the day that a sculpture in downtown Vancouver becomes a memorial after the first Theseus terrorist attack in Vancouver, in which a building was brought down and a thousands of people were killed. Jason wants to flee this time (while he still can get power) and get home, but sees that Kiera wants to stay and try and stop this attack. She wants to warn the people here, and persuades Jason to help her. Kagame meets with Julian, and talks about fighting the corporations. Julian is willing to do whatever it takes. Kagame says “Sometimes we must inspire others with a personal sacrifice, a statement that moves a generation of followers.” Alec shows up at Liber8’s safe house and is caught by Travis. Alec and Julian squabble while Alec looks at the people in the safe house, and Travis realizes that somehow Alec knows who they are. Alec pretends to know them “from the news,” but Kagame realizes the truth. Travis takes Julian on his mission – to drive a truck full of the stolen explosives. Kagame gives a motivational speech to Julian: “We will write history together, brother, and millions will respect your name.” Jason leaves with Kiera to try and stop the explosion, and thinks that was why they were “sent back.” Kiera disagrees, thinking that their being sent back in time, but Jason thinks that it was an inside job – that the guards and the warden manipulated the execution and the smuggling in of the time travel device; “Who knows how high it went?”


                            Kagame has a private chat with Alec. He reveals a conversation that future Alec had with future Kagame, about sending a message back in time to change history; Alec asks whether his future self mentioned whether this had actually happened in future Alec’s past or is this a new timeline, but Kagame doesn’t answer. Kagame says that Alec doesn’t understand how important he is, but Alec says that he does understand more than Kagame can realize, and wonders how LIber8 can hope to “change the inevitable.” Kagame says ”A pebble tossed from a  beach can become a tsunami on the other side of the world. You are that pebble, and I am standing on a beach on the other side of time waiting for the tidal wave to crash.” Alec scoffs, saying that because Kagame has only “a bucket,” he can only make minor historical changes, and not stop the march of progress. Alec thinks that progress and innovation will inevitably make the world a better place.  Kagame says that future Alec convinced Kagame that he could change history. Jason and Kiera go to the site of the sculpture at City Plaza and try to identify which of the surrounding buildings was the one that got blown up, but neither can remember. Kiera decided that they must warn all of them. Gardiner gets a call back about Kiera and “Section Six,” and realizes that someone has gone to a lot of trouble to put her in a position of trust; he suspects that she working for Liber8. Kiera calls inspector Dillon to warn him of the impending attack by LIber8 on one of the buildings at City Plaza and asks him to order the evacuation of all of the buildings surrounding City Plaza. Gardiner overhears and tells Dillon that he is officially taking over in the interests of national security. Gardiners orders the bomb squad and ERT to respond, and takes Carlos with him to find Kiera. Sonya returns to the Liber8 safe house but refuses to give real answers to Travis’ questions about her whereabouts. Travis gets angry when Sonya points out that Kagame is their leader, not Travis. Travis suspects that Kagame has been lying to them – that Kagame’s real plan was not to go back in time six years but sixty-five. Travis is displeased with Sonya’s advice that they should trust Kagame. Meanwhile, Alec breaks his bonds and sneaks out of the house, overhearing their conversational and seeing Project Theseus blueprints for the West Tower. Police backup reaches City Plaza, and Gardiner demands that Kiera reveal her source of information. Kiera claims it was from Section Six informants. Jason pops into the conversation, and tries to help by saying that Kiera and he are from the future. Building security spots an unauthorized vehicle pull into the basement parkade, and Carlos recognizes the driver as being Julian Randol – Kiera orders the evacuation of the building. Downstairs, Julian picks up the transmitter and says “Theseus.”


                            The SWAT team reaches parkade level P6 and approach Julian’s van. He presses his transmitter, but it fails to activate the detonator. They arrest Julian.  SWAT team commander Martin Bradley reports to Carlos that the detonator hadn’t been hooked up.Gardiner wants to resume his questioning of Kiera about “Section Six,” but cell service is restored and he gets a call from his supervisor, who had received a call from Kiera’s supposed Section Six commander, “Mister Escher,“ ordering him to cooperate fully with Section Six. Carlos is surprised – he’d never seen CSIS back down to anyone like that before, and would like to meet Kiera’s boss and shake his hand. As Carlos walks away, Kiera whispers “So would I.”. The SWAT team locks up Julian in a squad car. Jason, looking at the still-intact sculpture, starts shouting that Kiera has changed history while Carlos, Gardiner, and Bradley look on. Jason asks Kiera to go away in the time machine; she says that she will meet him there. Kagame, dressed in a police uniform, opens the door of Julian’s squad car so that they can talk. Julian thinks that the detonator was sabotaged, but Kagame tells him that it was never supposed to work. Kagame says “This battle isn’t over, it’s hardly begun. There are many ways to sacrifice, none more noble than the other.” Kagame promises that he and Julian will meet again, then locks the car door on Julian. Alec reaches Kiera and tells her that Liber8 is targeting Building 2 – Kiera disagrees, saying that they caught Julian in Building 1, but Alex tells her that he saw their plans and that Julian was only a diversion. Kiera spots Kagame walking into Building 2 and follows him in, telling Alec to stay outside, but he follows her in anyway. Kagame shows Kiera that he is wired with explosives, and says that she can’t stop him. “”it’s already done.” She begs him not to do this, that they can change history, but Kagame replies “But that’s my role to play, in the larger plan.” When Kiera asks who’s plan, Kagame looks at Alec (who has just caught up with them), and says “his.” Kagame doesn’t explain – he and the bomb are on a schedule – but says that Alec will explain. Kiera, distracted, looks at Alec and Kagame slips into an elevator.

                            Alec believes that Kagame will detonate the bomb, and he and Kiera flee the building just before Kagame detonates his bomb. Kiera activates her suit’s force field bubble, saving herself and Alec from falling debris, as Gardiner watches from a distance just before he and Carlos take cover behind the sculpture. Kiera’s overgarments seemingly vaporizes as she activated her force field. A flying girder hits the sculpture. Alec and Kiera emerge from the rubble and see survivors amidst the rubble. Gardiner and Carlos emerge from the rubble, and Gardiner sees Kiera disappear from sight (as she cloaks).


                            Sonya visits Mrs Kagame in the maternity ward, and gives her a bag full of money from a friend” to help take care of herself and baby Edouard Kagame. Travis had followed Sonya to the hospital and confronts her; she leads him into an empty room. Sonya tells Travis that it was Kagame – not Julian – in the building when it exploded, that Kagame had planned this all along. Kagame had asked her to make arrangements for his mother and him, that they would meet again and it would all make sense, and after he died, he wanted her to succeed him. Sonya turned to Travis and drew a gun on him. Kiera visits Jason, who is despondent that they didn’t change history and “all those terrible things are gonna happen.” Kiera sees Jason’s crazy-looking time machine, takes her segment of the time travel device, and leaves. Kiera goes to Kellog’s yacht, and he denies having anything to do with “this,” either in this year or in 2076, that he was just a pawn. He denies that it was him who vouched for her, and seems not to understand the term “freelancer.” Kiera seems disheartened that she can’t change history, and they leave Vancouver in Kellog’s yacht. Alec opens the file “TO ALEC 2012, READ ME FIRST“ using the password THESEUS, and reads a letter from Alec Sadler in 2077. He calls Kiera to say that her journey back in time was no accident – the time travel device didn’t malfunction, Kagame knew this, “I’m the one who sent you back in time. You’re not gonna believe why …” (1-10, “Endtimes”).

                            The Liber8 bombing in Vancouver ultimately killed hundreds of innocent people (Showcase news story, ).

                            Edouard Kagame grows up in Vancouver (Showcase website, sometime after the events of 1-10, “Endtimes”).


Subsequent events in the timeline can be viewed at

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    I read the graphic novel the day it came out, and had added some points I gleaned from that first reading, at

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    Now that the graphic novel is out, will you be adding in those details (or at least the ones that relate to the season we have seen), or will you (Imagine you making a big sigh of relief when you read the concluding part of this statement) be sticking just to the details revealed on the show.
    I can't imagine a worse nightmare than trying to keep up with all this minutia. I predict a floodgate of info for Season 2 : )

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    Very always.
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    The “Timeline of the Future” has grown so large that it is now in four parts:

    Part I – events before the show
    Part II – events of Season 1 – episodes 1-5
    Part III – events of Season 1 – episodes 6-10
    Part IV – the future